Author Danielle Devon
Author Danielle Devon brings fantastic adventures of apocalyptic proportions into your world.

Danielle’s Story

Danielle is an author, so I’ll let her introduce herself in her own words, taken from her website:

“Danielle Devon is a multi-published author who has settled comfortably into her unique realm of sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal fiction. Her writing has been hailed by reviewers as “darkly poetic,” her stories as “vividly painted with a colorful canvas which comes to life before your eyes.”

Danielle’s Personal Brand

I created a memorable personal brand identity that captured the essence of Danielle’s work: dark, edgy and anything but ordinary.

We chose WordPress for her web presence for it’s flexibility and ease-of-use. The website was designed with usability and remarkability in mind. Every page puts the books center stage. The design was carried across Danielle’s many social media networks to create a cohesive brand.

I also created all the cover art and developed the ebook files for Danielle’s indie published books.

Looking for a great adventure? Check out Danielle Devon’s books!

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