Cover Art by Dawn Seewer
Great covers sell books, and I am proud to work with publishers and indie authors to bring their covers to life!

The Story of Great Covers

Your book cover isn’t just a pretty picture, it’s packaging and an advertising campaign all on its own. A truly great cover is one that captures the book in some fundamental way. Great artwork and solid design are essential, but the most important purpose of a book cover is to help readers tell what kind of a book they are looking at, at first glance.

With hundreds of books all competing for the same reader, one glance is generally all you get to make a first impression.

Below is a small sample of the dozens of covers I have designed.

Cover Art for Publishers & Indie Authors
Cover Art for Time Shifters
Cover Art for Demon Killer
Cover Art for Earthchild
Cover Art for 7% and Rising
Cover Art for Exile
Cover Art for A Good Night
Cover Art for The Longest Night
Cover Art for Ties That Bind
Cover Art for The Write Ingredients
Cover Art for Sins of the Heart
Cover Art for Pearl at the Gate
Cover Art for Byte Marks
Cover Art for Blood of Eden
Cover Art for As You Wish

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