how to translate your writing skills to your marketing (part two)

One of the biggest challenges facing authors is understanding how to make their books resonate. We have no shortage of ideas when it comes to crafting informative nonfiction or memorable fiction, yet we struggle to tell the story of how our books will matter to readers. Marketing is that story, it is the way we communicate how our books translate into something of value for our readers.

Why every author is also a natural born content creator

But being a marketer is not something you have to become, it’s something you already are. People are natural storytellers, and at it’s heart, that is what content marketing is. The art of communicating with your readers and prospective book buyers without selling. Instead of pitching your products, you are providing information and entertainment that adds value to your reader’s lives. When you deliver consistent, valuable content to your readers, they reward you with their loyalty. Content marketing can turn a book browser into a book buyer.

And the great news is that every author is a born content marketer.

But, what exactly is content marketing? Simply put, it’s the process of creating consistent, relevant and valuable content aimed at influencing buying decisions, and it does this primarily through storytelling. And storytelling plays right into every author’s wheelhouse.

So how do you turn your message and your brand into a content powerhouse?

Find your story

Think about how your books are born, what inspires you to create them and what promise they make to your readers. How can you translate that into a story that will resonate with your readers? Content marketing is a creation of written and visual content, but it also so much more than that. Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storyselling.

Listen to your audience

To be a good storyseller, you must listen to your audience. Understand their needs and desires, their concerns and questions. Listen to them as your story unfolds and their reaction will determine how your book brand evolves.

Create content of massive value

With so much content being produced today, it’s never been more important to produce material that offers real value. It is vital that you publish the very best content possible. Give people something worth reading and they will stick around for more.

Remember that not all content is created equal, look for value above all. Click To Tweet

Not all content has to, or even should, tell a story. Sometimes, a straightforward blog post, simple Facebook message or a singular photo is all you need to provide your readers with the value they seek. Tell a story when it suits the content, but don’t force a story where none truly exists.

The secret to content marketing success is to tell a great story that seamlessly integrates your core message to your audience. With these four content marketing tips, you can turn your natural writing talents into a content marketing powerhouse that sells your books!

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