(how to tap into intangible value)

The simplest and most valuable marketing tip I can offer is this: figure out how to make your customer feel good, then do that.

4 Tips to Create Value in your Marketing

People pay for intangible value, for what they experience, how it makes them feel and what they care about. As it turns out, intangible value is one of our most precious resources.

In our instant-gratification world where everyone can provide something at the click of a button, what matters is not what is sold, but the impact it made. The widget doesn’t matter, it’s how the widget makes us feel that counts.

#1 Exceed Expectation

One of the key factors in highlighting massive value is to exceed expectation. When you give your customers more than they expected to receive they are more likely to pass on that experience to someone else.

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#2 Limit Availability

When something is limited, it gives it an air of remarkability. You can also make something limited by restricting who has access. But beware that overusing availability can make people adjust their expectations. When something is always “exclusive” or “limited” it becomes the norm and is no longer remarkable.

#3 Encourage Participation

Whenever applicable, break away from the standard forms of content by encouraging audience participation and promotion. Focus on messages that inspire interaction, both with your brand and your community.

#4 Vary the format

Don’t always stick to a set format with your content. Instead, experiment with different forms within one piece. Incorporate images, videos, Infographics and links to Whitepapers to provide a comprehensive and resourceful piece of information for customers to read and share.

No one can tell you what you should stand for or how to matter to your customers. Figuring out where you (your brand, your product or your company) fit into your customer’s world can be hard. Until you do the work of understanding your values and how those values translate to your customer, you will struggle to get where it is you want to go.

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