(and how to avoid them)

The nature of social media is very seductive, it makes you feel like you always have to respond, have to react. The pressure to stay active, be present and contribute every waking hour is not only a huge time-suck, it’s also the perfect recipe for the three worst social media mistakes authors make every day.

The 3 worst social media mistakes authors make every day

At first glance, these mistakes may seem minor, but they can have detrimental long term effects. They can endanger not just an author’s reputation, but the very audience they are trying to reach. Are you making any of these social media mistakes?

Blind sharing

Don’t be seduced by a sensational headline, they rarely tell the whole story. Be wary of sharing posts or retweeting items you haven’t actually read.

Your audience counts on you to be a valid source of information, so make sure that everything you repost or retweet is in line with the quality and values your audience has come to expect.

Social media mistake: Blind sharing

Read before you share, because the minute you’ve shared it, you’ve now put your stamp of approval on it. Before you click the share button, ask yourself if that article, post or tweet is worthy of your name?

Posting before proofreading

You can blame it on autocorrect, but poor grammar and spelling mistakes make you look unprofessional. It only takes a moment to do a quick read-through on your post or tweet, so take the time and catch those little typos before they go out to the world.

Social media mistake: Posting before proofreading

This is especially important for authors, who make their living by their words. Every original post or tweet that comes from your account is a reflection of you and your work. Make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward and give those posts and tweets a proofread before you push that send button.

Every post that comes from your account is a reflection of you and your work. Make it count! Click To Tweet

Spam sharing

I tell you what, there is nothing more annoying than scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing the same post over and over again, one right after the other, scroll after scroll after scroll across multiple groups and pages. I understand, you’ve got a hot new release and you want to share it as many places as you can. That’s great, just don’t do it all at the same time!

Social Media Mistakes: Spam Sharing

Instead, spread your shares out throughout the day. Share to Facebook group A in the morning, post to Twitter in the afternoon and in the evening hit Facebook group B. By spacing out your promotional posts, you are increasing your touch-points with your audience to increase awareness. Posting to every group and page you belong to all at once only gives you one opportunity to reach your audience. And quite frankly, it’s just plain annoying. But by spreading out your posts, you are now engaging with your audience multiple times throughout the day.

And do keep in mind that sharing your post across twenty groups, threads, platforms and pages at once makes it look like spam. And we all know what happens to spam… that’s right, it gets deleted, unfriended and unfollowed. So don’t be spam. Take the time and put in the extra effort to spread out your promotional posts.

Remember, today’s mistakes live on until tomorrow and the day after that, and the month after that, and the year after that. Thanks to online archiving and the wonder that is Google, everything lasts forever. So take your time and post with care.

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